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Wild Rose Heritage and Arts, now part of Pennine Heritage Ltd, is a community group which takes its name from the area in which we are located – the valley (“den”) of the wild rose (“Heb”) – Hebden Bridge, which is in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. We began as an oral history project, recording the memories of elderly people who told us about their lives growing up in the local valleys. Since then we’ve expanded our activities and our focus, working with a variety of age groups to understand the ways in which people both change, and are changed by, the places in which they live and work.

We believe that oral history can play a valuable role in the fostering of communal identity, by giving participants both a sense of belonging and the confidence to participate in the life and work of the community.

When looking at our website, you may find different approaches to displaying our collection. Over the years we have changed the use of interviewee and interviewer initials or identification indicators. Some interviewees only want to use audio recording rather than video and do not want images of themselves used. Others, having completed the interview decide they do not want their interview to be made public. It is our policy to allow all interviewees to decide on these matters and we honour their choices and keep personal details confidential. We receive many requests from website users to contact interviewees. We always contact interviewees to see if they want to make contact and if so, we forward requests, if not, then we do not. If, as a website user, you see mistakes, please contact us, so we can correct them.

  • Hebden Bridge

    On the journey from the hill-tops to the river bottoms of the upper Calder valley, the place names you encounter – Cock Hill, Black Pit, Stoodley Pike, Blue Pig, Summit Tunnel, Millers Grave, Old Chamber, Bell Hole, Egypt Farm, Long Causeway, Milk Churn Joan, Tom Bell’s Cave, Solomon’s Backside,


  • History

    We are looking at Hebden Bridge as a place of change. We collect the personal life stories, memories, feelings and thoughts of people living in the area.


  • Our Philosophy

    Our aim is to promote an understanding of the contribution that diversity and change make towards heritage and community.


  • Management Committee


    Chair: Tudor Gwynn - Projects Director, EUREKA-The National Children’s Museum, Halifax, West Yorkshire.

    Secretary: Jim Botten - Retired Royal Mail.

    Treasurer: Phil Kennedy - Train Manager, Pennine Heritage, (environmental trust registered as a charity dedicated


About Us

Wild Rose Heritage and Arts is a community group which takes it's name from the area in which we are located - the valley ("den") of the wild rose ("Heb") -  Hebden Bridge which is in Calderdale, West Yorkshire.

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