Work with Schools

We believe it is vital to the learning process and mutual understanding of different generations to engage with each other in a variety of ways. To aid inclusion and participation we provide the settings for this engagement. WRHaA is involved with education on a number of levels including primary and secondary. Below are some of our activities.



We give workshops to primary pupils on open, closed and follow up questions and get them to work out their own questions to ask older local residents in formal interviewing settings. These inter-generational interviews are then included on our website in the usual way and used in creating the content for resource packs, storytelling, drama performances and walks.


We work with primary school pupils and secondary school expressive arts students using our transcripts as an inspiration for them producing their own theatrical public performances. We work with Calderdale Theatre School on these projects.


We create educational resource packs for primary schools using oral history as a basis for further added value content, aiming towards a cross curriculum web md website approach. Packs can include DVD’s, CD’s, text worksheets, photographs depending on subject matter as well as digital material used by Calderdale MBC Museums Service.


We have created 3 stories (Margaret’s Greenwood's Life Story, born 1920 to the present-35 minutes, Childhood in the 1930’s-20 minutes and Childhood in the 1940’s-15 minutes), all using  verbatim quotes from our oral history collection.

We create a character taking various sections from numerous transcripts re-creating times from the past. We do storytelling sessions in schools, community centres and day care centres. All audience members are asked to evaluate the sessions. Download recordings of the storytelling sessions.

  • Calder High School Performances x 3 - 10-5-10 minutes each

    Calder High School students used our transcripts to create performances for their Expressive Arts exam in 2010.Listen to excerpts from the public performances.


    Listen to the audio:

  • Colden School Performance - 18-11-11 - 26 minutes 45 seconds

    In 2011 Gillie Kerrod and Rob Garner worked with Year 5/6 at Colden School getting them to create their own performance based on Wild Rose Heritage and Arts interview transcripts and the schools Log Book.


    Listen to the audio:

  • Riverside School Performance 11-5-12 - 7 minutes and 57 seconds

    Riverside pupils in Year 5 participated in interviewing the older generation and created their own performance based on Wild Rose Heritage and Arts interview transcriptions


    Listen to the audio:

  • Elmet Trust

    In November 2006, Wild Rose Heritage and Arts worked with the Elmet Trust and Burnley Road School helping Year 4 pupils to ask questions of eight local people who went to school in the 1930’s with Ted Hughes, former Poet Laureate, who was born in Mytholmroyd


    Listen to the audio:

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Wild Rose Heritage and Arts is a community group which takes it's name from the area in which we are located - the valley ("den") of the wild rose ("Heb") -  Hebden Bridge which is in Calderdale, West Yorkshire.

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