Interviews: 1950 - 1959

  • Akiko Karoda Interview

    Akiko Karoda

    I like the countryside, but at that time my feeling was as a tourist. But, I like the beauty of the countryside. I had no idea what life would be like in the countryside.

  • Andrea Jessen Interview

    Andrea Jessen

    As a teacher, I teach German as a foreign language in Adult Education and in private language schools, but mainly I do translation work. I started doing that when I returned to Germany, so I’ve been doing that for 19 years.

  • Anne & Tony Isseyegh Interview

    Anne & Tony Isseyegh

    Yes; ’84 we moved up to Yorkshire and……previous to that I lived in London all my life……prior to that, obviously born in Egypt…..that’s it, but you know, I think the sense of being…..slightly an outsider remains and I think coming London to Yorkshire, that was our… first impression, that really it’s….we’re southerners moving to a very rooted county like Yorkshire is, but because there were a lot of other creative people here I think we were encouraged to feel that there was a sense of……openness and freedom

  • Bear Interview


    Bear talks about moving to Hebden Bridge and his involvement with Zion Coop, Treesponsibility and Transition Towns.

  • Chris Green Interview

    Chris Green

    Chris talks about his political life including work in Northern Ireland and Palestine, how he helped set up local co-operatives and his vision in setting up the White Ribbon Campaign.

  • Christina Hooley Interview

    Christina Hooley

    Christina talks about her early life, moving to Hebden Bridge, her life in drama and acting and being involved with environmental issues.

  • Dave Nelson Interview

    Dave Nelson

    Dave talks about his life as a musician, arts director and events organiser.

  • Dongria Interview


    Dongria talks about her life as an activist for environmental issues, nurturing the landscape and founding Treesponsibility.

  • Elaine Connell Interview

    Elaine Connell

    We used to go to the Robin Hood – we were about four hundred yards from the Robin Hood because the house we lived in was Castle Gate.

  • Fern Bass Interview

    Fern Bass

    Fern talks about growing up, her family, life as a performing artist and helping to start up Zion Housing Cooperative.

  • Jan van de Merwe Interview

    Jan van de Merwe

    I came to Todmorden about six years ago dealing in antiques, then I met Sonia and from Tod moved to Hebden.

  • Joe O\'Reilly

    Joe discusses his art, the creative nature of Hebden Bridge and wonders if economic pressures means that artists will move further down the valley.

  • Les Gillon Interview

    Les Gillon

    Eva talks to Les Gillion about Piece Hall Music and his long-running band, Fez.

  • Mary Clear Interview

    Mary Clear

    Mary is a vital innovative community activist who helped start up the ‘Incredible Edible’ volunteer growing, learning and food group in Todmorden. Hear about the history of how it all came about.

  • Nicola Wheeler Interview

    Nicola Wheeler

    Nicola is a costume designer - one of the few people still working with textiles in the valley today

  • Richard Wincer Interview

    Richard Wincer

    Richard talks about his affection for rural landscapes and his life as an artist and businessman.

  • Sid Jones Interview

    Sid Jones

    Sid Jones talks about running his Hebden Bridge-based record shop, Muse Music.

  • Steve Grey Interview

    Steve Grey

    Steve Grey discusses his life was a musician and how he came to live in Hebden Bridge. He is a member of the Outer Zeds.

  • Steve Marsden Interview

    Steve Marsden

    From brass to psychedelic to country - the musical life of Steve Marsden.

  • Steve Smith Interview

    Steve Smith

    I was born at Halifax Infirmary on the 10th of August 1952, and I lived initially on the Banksfield Estate, which was a prefabricated council estate, very desirable at the time because it had an inside toilet - two of them - and it actually had a bathroom; you didn't have to use a tin bath. All of the terraces in Mytholmroyd at that time still had outside toilets and the like, so a lot of people were pushing for these.

  • Steve Smith 2 Interview

    Steve Smith 2

    Well I was born in the valley. My mum was as I say, she worked in the fashion industry, she was in London. She was the oldest of a family of…what…..four girls, two boys and…..the war came and they got bombed.

  • Steve Smith and Jeff Wilkinson Interview

    Steve Smith and Jeff Wilkinson

    Tony Wright arranged an interview between Jeff Wilkinson (curator of the closed Industrial Museum, Piece Hall, Halifax) and Steve Smith, a weaver and former dyer. Some of the conversation is a bit inaudible with movement noise and talking simultaneously occurs as they move through the museum. They discuss the historic textile and engineering economies in the Halifax and Calder Valley, the uses and working practices of numerous machines and the changes to the local industrial lanscape.

  • Steve Tilston  Interview

    Steve Tilston

    Steve is a musician, singer songwriter, writer and music organiser. He is famed for his variety of musical influences and expression, which helps him create the rich tapestry of sound and depth to his work. He, also, talks about the letter writer to him by John Lennon, which he never received, but finally acknowledged and shown on his site.

  • Tony Wright (1) Interview

    Tony Wright (1)

    Craig Fees, Wild Rose Heritage and Arts External Evaluator, interviews Tony about his life and how he came to live in Hebden Bridge.

  • Tony Wright 2 Interview

    Tony Wright 2

    Martin talks to Tony about his life as an artist.

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