Interviews: 1980 - 1989

  • Cayn White Interview

    Cayn White

    Cayn is a local wordsmith, poet and plays in bands as well.

  • Chris Greenman Interview

    Chris Greenman

    Yeah, um I was there for my last four weeks there and my dad walked out on his girlfriend, and I didn’t want to stay there, so I ended up moving in with a mate, and like they adopted me into the family and I lived there for four weeks. And I like go down and visit them occasionally.

  • Damien Lund Interview

    Damien Lund

    Well if you want to try, it’s a good hobby but it takes….the first year of skateboarding’s the hardest and then after that, when tricks start coming, you just feel better and it’s just that buzz afterwards when you’ve been practicing for months and months, and it can be months and months, I mean I’ve been practising tricks for years and when you finally get it, it’s just like a release – a weight is off your shoulders, I mean it’s nothing, it’s just a trick that you’ve just been trying.

  • Hannah Atkinson Interview

    Hannah Atkinson

    ...skipping ropes…other like…hopscotch and they had like you know all that in the playground, like hopscotch and then the snakes and ladders thing, everyone just used to get really involved, like the lads used to play football – we all used to do girlie things, so – like skipping.

  • Jake Holden Interview

    Jake Holden

    Having just finished a degree in computer games art, Jake volunteered to interview an older programmer in the same business. Following that interview, Tony followed up asking Jake about his aspirations.

  • James Burke Interview

    James Burke

    .well…’s been a while since I’ve really watched any like videos and that, but… any skaters and you know what I mean, little edits and that, I usually just see what people find on You Tube and that, but I don’t know…..I think there was a guy called….from Brazil…..he’s called Fabrizio Santos or summat, it’s going like a couple of years back; he’s absolutely incredible.

  • James Taylor Interview

    James Taylor

    Guildford Street which is up Fairfield – there’s a church, or there was a church round the back of my house which has now been converted into apartments, half of them looking straight into what was my bedroom window so I was a bit annoyed about that, but what the heck – I’m not there any more I suppose.

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