Interviews: 1990 - 1999

  • Connor Hayle Interview

    Connor Hayle

    Hip-hop probably in music, like rapping and drum and bass is good….my favourite skate video is Bristol Spineless cos there’s a load of good skate spots in Bristol, and then….yeah, I like that video.

  • Jack Knowles

    I’ve been to Hyde, I’ve been to the Works, I’ve been to Interact, I’ve been to Wakefield. I went on ones with the Council, the Hebden Bridge Council, round to different skate parks, and obviously I’ve been to Hebden Bridge Skate Park, and….yeah…

  • Jacob Jones Interview

    Jacob Jones

    Well, I’ve been to Hebden quite a lot so I think I’m getting a bit bored of that, but I think Hyde Park in Leeds cos it’s a lot bigger and a lot more people go in there, so I think I prefer that one.

  • James Boylan Interview

    James Boylan

    the main thing about skateboarding is something to get away from everything else, like…time to relax, like just on the park and stuff, and socialise with your friends.

  • Joseph Robertshaw Interview

    Joseph Robertshaw

    I do like all types. It’s just like keeping it all open, and just taking it to the streets as well as the park, so if we could like get the skate park extended and put a street in it as well it would mean that we don’t bother anywhere else.

  • Liam Gaunt Interview

    Liam Gaunt

    After school if it’s dry and I can be bothered, pretty much every day after school from like fourish till maybe seven or eight, depending on whether it’s winter or summer and that, and then at the weekends from like…it depends what time I wake up, but like sometimes it’s like ten till like nine, and then like the same the next day, whatever time I get up at generally till I get home when I cannot be bothered skating any more, and then I stop…..and then I stop.

  • Michael Sirmond Interview

    Michael Sirmond

    Most of the Goths are like in Manchester and Leeds, and they’re thirty miles each side so it’s not the easiest places to go to, and it costs a lot so you have to be in solitude a lot of the time, and you have to stick with whatever Gothic kind of people or heavy metal people there are around Hebden Bridge, but there’s not many so you don’t have many friends, and you get more insults than compliments.

  • Ryan Smith

    Yeah, it’s just too small. Too many people, all of them into little kids bikers. There’s six or seven bikers down there at once, so……it’s not big enough.

  • Tom Young Interview

    Tom Young

    I like drum and bass, stuff like that, stuff that’s lively to listen to when you’re skating, that’s what’s good on videos….I like other stuff as well, but it depends….I dunno

  • Will Boylan Interview

    Will Boylan

    Well it’s got all the things you pretty much need but it needs to be extended a bit because sometimes it just gets a bit over-packed and then you can’t really skate, so but yeah it’s good, I like it.

  • William Sunderland and George Oliver Interview

    William Sunderland and George Oliver

    I just like the feeling of like landing tricks, and I’ve been doing it for a while now, so….progressing and just chilling out with my mates really, cos we all do it together.

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