Our future plans

We're planning a series of new projects, hopefully beginning in the Autumn of 2013. These will be:

  • the Cooperative Movement;
  • shops in Hebden Bridge;
  • and professional performances using our extensive archive.

What we've already achieved

From 2002 to 2013, we have run 5 main projects. All our projects have been themed. The theme of change has been the main thread linking our projects. Significantly, it’s been the adaptability of the people who live here that has influenced both change and continuity.

Traditionally, oral history has been on the fringes of academic research, perhaps acknowledged in passing, but never given credence in the official records. This is changing, particularly, through the work of the BBC, but also, the work of the Oral History Society and British Library.

Our projects have been called:

  • Changing Places - looking at people born in other countries who live here now.
  • Generations Talking- focussing on childhood, work, leisure, special occasions and change.
  • The Planning Project - looked at developing our audiences and accessibility and becoming more involved with education either directly or indirectly. Because of this we implemented new activities and began balancing archiving with dissemination.
  • Age To Age - In this we looked at the wider community and began collecting contemporary oral histories. We, also, began using more inter-generational interviews and more in depth drama workshops and performances and guided walks.
  • Alternative Lifestyles - This two year project continued the work started in Age To Age, but focused on the themes of creativity and the environment.

We use volunteers as interviewers, proof readers, photographers, technical support, walk leaders back up and management advice. We also employ about 6 people on each project, all as freelance contributors on a part-time basis.

Our aim was and is to create an archive for future generations that reflects and helps people understand life in and around Hebden Bridge. And to that end, we have collected about 150 hours of interviews using video and audio recordings well as collecting memorabilia items, books, magazines, clippings and photographs.

Looking at Hebden Bridge, the upper valley and Calderdale generally, the area has always been a place of change and the people who lived here survived through their own endeavours, went their own way, stood up for their beliefs and created their own lifestyles, be it a challenge to authority or joining through cooperation.

We archive all collected material internally and with the West Yorkshire Archive Service. We fully transcribe all interviews and put them on our web site with full audio and video clips. We have now started a You Tube channel and want to get more involved in other social media. Our activities include exhibitions, open days, storytelling, drama workshops and performances, interviewing techniques training, creating educational resources, delivering guided walks and public presentations and supporting local individuals and groups with equipment loaning, information sharing and advice. We get about 75,000 hits a year on our web site from over 40 countries.

About Us

Wild Rose Heritage and Arts is a community group which takes it's name from the area in which we are located - the valley ("den") of the wild rose ("Heb") -  Hebden Bridge which is in Calderdale, West Yorkshire.

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